sorriso-7Fixed / Aesthetic Prosthesis on natural teeth

  1. All-ceramic veneers
  2. All-ceramic (metal-free) or metal-ceramic crowns
  3. All-ceramic Maryland bridge
  4. All-ceramic or metal-ceramic partial bridge
  5. All-ceramic or metal-ceramic full arch rehabilitation




1• Fixed prosthetic rehabilitation on implants screwed / cemented (immediate and deferred loading)

  1. Single crowns on implants
  2. Complete prosthetic rehabilitation on implants cemented or screwed (deferred and immediate loading).
    All-on-Six with titanium bar and resin/composite/ceramic teeth
    All-on-Four with titanium bar and resin/composite/ceramic teeth



Removable prosthesis

  1. Removable prosthesis anchored to implants (Overdentures)
  2. Full or partial removable denture anchored to natural teeth


Veneers are thin ceramic layers, which are applied to dental enamel using special adhesive techniques. Represent a minimally invasive technique, as the dental preparation is limited to the vestibular surface, protecting both the structure and the vitality of the tooth. Veneers restore the right forms, proportions and colors, giving excellent aesthetic results.



Crowns are full restorations needed to recover previously lost dental structure.
Thanks to new materials and techniques it is possible to achieve excellent aesthetic results.





The bridge is a restoration involving at least two dental elements on which is fixed, allows to replace one or more missing teeth.