1. Complex extractions of impacted wisdom teeth and other impacted teeth
  2. Endodontic surgery
  3. Periodontal surgery (resective and regenerative)
  4. Removal of lesions of jaw bones and soft tissues of the oral cavity (cysts, tumors, etc.)
  5. Implantology for the restoration of partially or totally edentulous patients
  6. Post-extractive ad immediate loading dental implants
  7. Computer-guided implantology
  8. Zygomatic Implants
  9. “Window osteotomy Technique” or Alveolar Canal bypass
  10. Reconstructive bone surgery for implant placement. Reconstructive techniques can be performed using bone taken from the patient (mandibular Ramus, iliac Crest), bank bone or synthetic bone.
    Some techniques: Sinus lift, Onlay/Veneer bone grafts, Guided bone regeneration with membranes and titanium meshes)
  11. Orthodontic surgery (impacted teeth recovery, Corticotomy assisted orthodontic treatment)
  12. Orthognathic surgery (correction of facial dysmorphia and dental malocclusion)
  13. Surgery of maxillary sinuses (removal of cysts, mucoceles and other lesions. Removal of foreign bodies, previously placed implants)
  14. Operations to solve complications resulting from surgical mistakes of other clinicians (implant failures or reconstructive techniques failure), in our clinic and in private clinics under general anesthesia


Surgical operation in the clinic