The excellence of the all-on-4 concept

A minimally invasive solution with a full arch fixed prosthesis, giving great satisfaction to the patient.


- High Patient satisfaction

- Rapid improvement in the quality of Life

- The All-on-4 concept allows partially and fully edentulous patients to get a full-arch fixed prosthesis on four implants on the same day of the surgery. In this way it is possible to obtain a greater patient satisfaction in terms of functionality, aesthetics, perception, speech and self-esteem

Shorter Treatment Times

- Two key elements allow to significantly reduce complexity, duration of the treatment and number of surgeries: posterior tilted implants avoid bone regeneration in posterior mandible, while immediate loading shortens the lapse of time to get the new prosthesis.

Lower costs

- The All-on-4 concept is not only the option that requires less time but it is also less expensive than conventional implant treatment for partially and fully edentulous patients.

- Great implant stability even in minimum bone volume

- Using tilted implants allow to place longer implants, increasing bone-implant contact while avoiding vertical bone augmentation. Moreover the implants are placed in the anterior mandible where the bone has a better quality, reducing the extension of the prosthesis and helping to avoid important anatomical structures

- Rapid improvement in the quality of Life



Other important results

- Shorter treatment times and lower costs than conventional implant treatment for partially or fully edentulous patients.

- Great implant stability using just 4 implants. (All-on 4)


Immediate loading implantology, combined with All on four and All on six techniques, offers considerable advantages:

  1. The patient does not need to wear a removable prosthesis , waiting for osseointegration of the implants (generally going from 3 to 6 months).
  2. Fixed prosthesis , can offer to the patients the same comfort of natural dentition.
  3. With low invasiveness and in short time, you can have back a new dentition, with the same functionalities of natural dentition.




TORONTO BRIDGE - Clinic case

Patient suffering from severe periodontal disease, involving all the dental elements of the maxilla and the posterior dental elements of the mandible.
Probing depths between 9 and 13 mm for all dental elements, grade 3 mobility and presence of bleeding on probing.
An immediate loading Implant-prosthetic rehabilitation was performed placing 6 post-extractive implants in the maxilla and 4 implants in the posterior mandible.
Prosthetic finalization with ceramic bridge. Soft tissues simulation was obtained by superimposing several layers of composite material in different colors.




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